Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gluten Free Graham Cracker Gingerbread Pirates: Irresistibly Gluten Free

Have you entered to win a copy of Irresistibly Gluten Free yet? If not, hurry and enter here. There are so many great recipes inside this cover you won't want to miss out on a chance to get one for yourself.

I really, really have missed graham crackers since I've been gluten free. When I was pregnant I would eat them all the time when I didn't feel good and after delivery it was the only thing that ever sounded good to me. So when I saw that Christina had a recipe for graham crackers in her cookbook, I knew I'd have to try them out.

I bought my little boys this book for Christmas called "The Gingerbread Pirates," by Kristin Kladstrup, and it has been just about the most fun we've had this year, reading it together. I highly recommend it, especially if you have a child who knows what a pirate is and what Santa is. Anyway, my son was always asking if we could make gingerbread pirates with a toothpick for a peg leg, so I figured we could kill two pirates with one cannon...aargh, I'm good.

First off, you'll have to buy Christina's book if you want to get the recipe. Don't worry, there's way more good stuff in there than just this recipe, so just go do it. Secondly, make sure your butter isn't too soft or you'll end up with a puddle of cookies melted together on the sheet. Not that I would know or anything. We rolled out the dough and cut gingerbread men, and then I just cut a little captain hat for the captain that looked like this:and then just pressed it on the guy's little head.

When they are done, some of them spread a little bit, so if you want to you can cut them like this to make the edges a little crisper. I also made some rectangles and cut them with a pizza cutter while they were cooling, just to make them look extra professional. It ended up being a good thing, because we used those scraps to make, you guessed it, a cutlass. We had a great time frosting them with a ziploc baggie and some cream cheese frosting and generally making a mess. You'll notice some of the crew have frosting eye patches even. Ah, Christmas and kids and cookies, you really can't go wrong. No wonder Santa is always waiting for some when he visits.Christina will be hosting a gingerbread house contest on Facebook soon, and she's asking people to use this recipe! When you enter you can now add a pirate captain with a cutlass, since you know how to now. You can thank me later.

Happy eating!

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  1. Hi Margo! Ummm, I don't remember seeing these cookies at the cookie exchange. haha! It was so great meeting and talking to you. You're so fun and I hope we can meet up again soon. I'm giving my friend your blog address so she can get some yummy recipes. Merry CHristmas to you and your family.


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