Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ga-Ga for Gorgonzola, Part 2: Easy Delicious Dinner

Continuing on with my obsession with Gorgonzola cheese, I have one of the easiest dinners ever coming up. And you will want to eat this at least once a week from now on. I promise. Okay, maybe that's just me, but it's really really good food, trust me. Get yourself to the grocery store and find a good cut of London Broil. I used to be intimidated by London Broil. But it is one of the yummiest cuts of meat, it's lean, and it's not hard to prepare. So get over the fancy name and just buy it already. And while you're there, don't forget your Salemville Amish crumbled Gorgonzola.

My next piece of advice: don't underestimate the power of a good pan. I finally broke down and bought a grill pan a few weeks ago because it will soon be too cold here in Utah to use my outdoor grill and then where will I be? Plus I always try to trick myself into eating healthier, so when I grill my meat I always feel so...gourmet. So I bought this Calphalon pan and let me tell you: it rocks. I just heat it up to medium heat before I add the meat. I don't have to spray it with Pam or anything because it's, well, Calphalon, and you get really great grill marks on your food that way. And, yes, this pan does NOT look clean. That's because I'm really bad at dishes. Anyone who knows me knows I never do my dishes. Come over to my house anytime, and you will find a sinkful of dishes GUARANTEED. But I can cook, so it all balances out.
So put your beautiful London Broil on your grill pan and grill it on both sides for about 8 minutes for medium rare meat. Cook a little longer on each side if you don't like your meat pink. Only flip the meat once. And then, slice the meat starting at the tip of the piece and keep slicing away. If it doesn't look right when you are cutting it, rotate your meat and try cutting it from the other side. I don't want to tell you exactly which direction to cut from the grain of the meat because I don't know what it is. I just cut a piece and if it looks wierd I cut from the other side.
Then generously crumble your gorgonzola over the meat and voila! Meat paradise. I think this is one of my favorite dinners of all time. I am a meat and potatoes girl, so this one is right up my alley. I hope you live on this alley, too!

Happy eating!

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