Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gluten Free Energy to Go..I Mean GU

So much for "Fish on Fridays"...I competed in my first sprint triathlon this past weekend, and I've been a little distracted with my last minute training. For those of you who are into endurance sports, of which I am only slightly a participant in, you know how important energy is on race day. I've recently begun to do a little research on energy gels and chews, just to see what's out there that's gluten free. It's a cruel irony that exercising burns a lot of calories, but that when you're out there exercising (trying to burn more calories) sometimes you need to eat some calories to be able to keep on exercising. Whew. Anyway, I used some of these energy gels by GU this week, and I must say I wouldn't have made it through my race without them.

Aside from the fact that energy gels taste like eating hair gel, and that your gag reflex kicks in every time you squirt one into your mouth, I did have a favorite. The most palatable flavor, I thought, was the blackberry one. The least palatable? Lemon. Just stay away. And the best thing about the GU brand is that they have apparently listened to me and they have printed two words right on the label: Gluten Free. That's all the inspiration I needed to purchase a handful of these before race day. I'm telling you, if companies would just ask my opinion, they would really come out on top. Anyway, if sports are your thing or you're looking to get into a sport and want some quick energy, try GU gels. And how did I do on my race, you may wonder? A solid B-. Right in the middle. Not bad for an old lady!
Happy exercising!

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