Sunday, May 9, 2010

Time for a Gluten Free Frenzy!

Here in Utah, we haven't had too many days in a row of good weather, so spring fever hits me like a frenzy. The cleaning, the gardening, the scooping up of old moldy leaves from fall, it all hits me and I have to cram it into one nice day. It makes me think of being in a gluten free frenzy, which also happens to be the catchy name of a fun website I've recently encountered. If you haven't entered to win something at Gluten Free Frenzy, a super cute website run by Chandice, whose motto is, "To make natural, gluten free living as big in taste and as fun as possible!", add it to your springtime to-do list today. Gluten Free Frenzy's cool factor is upped by the fact that she holds a gluten free product giveaway every Friday, which would make my weekend anytime. She also has recipes and, drum roll please, features gluten free bloggers once a week. You know where this is going, don't you? So, yes, this Tuesday, May 11 I will be the featured blogger over at Gluten Free Frenzy. Check it out and see what answers I gave Chandice's questions and see if I'm as full of it as I sound on my blog posts. And don't forget to check out her recipes and upcoming giveaways while you're over there!

Happy reading!

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