Wednesday, March 16, 2011

An Easy Gluten Free Snack for a Crowd

I seem to get myself into all kinds of situations where I happen to be in charge of parties. Events, activities, get-togethers, what have you. It's so fun and I really love putting on a good shindig, but sometimes I can find myself getting stumped when it comes to treats. Especially for a crowd. That's why I like being in CHARGE of the event, not just a helper, because whenever possible I like to tailor the event to the food I want to serve. I know, that's so bratty, but seriously, it's like when you design a room: find the fabric first, then match the paint to the fabric. It's way easier, I tell you.

So a few weeks ago, I was in charge of a little activity for our church Primary, which is full of children who love a good time. It was a reward of sorts, so we got to do something fun instead of listen to boring old lessons the whole time. I put together a "Popcorn Party" where we watched a church video and everyone got a popcorn snack. We turned the lights off just like in the movie theater. This seems so simple to us adults but the kids thought it was so fun. One reason I wanted to do popcorn is that we have a couple of kids who have peanut allergies and some adults who are gluten free and I wanted to do something that would be safe for everyone. Another plus? I used air-popped popcorn and buttered and salted it myself. It cost way less than microwave popcorn, and I like the flavor of homemade popcorn better anyway. I think I spent $5 on popcorn for 60, bags included. For the labels, I just found some clip art on Microsoft office, added the text in a cute font, printed them on cardstock, and punched them out with my scallop punch. Then once the bags were full I just stapled them onto the bags after I folded them over. Cheap and easy, and the kids thought it was so cool to eat popcorn at church. What's that, you ask? Of course I had to vacuum afterwards! It's cheap and easy but definitely messy!

Happy eating!

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