Monday, March 14, 2011

I Still Have a Sore Throat...and I'm Still Not Cooking

Sick, sick, sick. Whatever type of plague decided to descend upon my house has apparently decided that this is a great environment to grow and prosper in. Subsequently, my appetite has gotten up and walked away with my good health. I'm realizing how essential a sense of taste is for creating a food blog, and sadly, I'm not too inspired in the kitchen right now because all I want is some Advil and a piece of toast.Recently I've been eating a lot of Udi's Whole Grain Gluten Free Bread and Udi's White Sandwich Bread with butter, cinnamon and sugar and a mug of Throat Coat tea to start my day. Obviously it's not a super-vitamin-packed meal, but it's all I can stomach for now. I'm just glad there's something I can eat that is gluten free that takes less than 10 minutes to make, eat, and clean up.

So, I thought it might be fun while I am semi-incapable of creating and photographing new recipes to hear from you about what your favorite recipes are. Do you have a simple, tasty, and most importantly, gluten free recipe you can share? You can leave a comment with a permalink to a post if you have your own blog or if it's simple enough, leave the recipe in the comments section. My family is dying for your ideas. They are getting tired of microwaveable dinners and Gatorade.

Here's to good health and the promise of a better day! Happy eating!

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  1. Some of the quick and easy things I make when I don't have the energy to make a full meal are:

    Tacos - cook the ground beef, add GF taco seasoning, top with lettuce, cheese, sour cream, salsa. If you don't have time or energy to make/cook tortillas use fritos (I prefer the lightly salted variety) and serve it in a bowl.

    Walking tacos - Instead of seasoned ground beef use GF chili. In a bowl mix warmed chili, tortilla chips/fritos, lettuce, cheese, salsa, sour cream.

    Chicken - in a frying pan cook chicken with your favorite GF seasoning. Serve with a side of steamed veggies.

    Good luck with the cold.


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