Sunday, April 17, 2011

If Corn Comes in Colors, Does It Pop In Color, Too?

Back to business this week. The huge elementary school event is over, and now I can fully focus on food. Which is, of course, my favorite thing to focus on. I have yet another discovery I made at Whole Foods the other day. I saw this bulk package of what looks like Indian Corn popcorn, and I thought my kids would get a kick out of it. I was assuming that even though the kernels were different colors they would all pop up sort of the same color. I've been wrong before, and I was wrong again. Not only do they pop up different shades of yellow and white, they also have a subtle taste difference as well. One is a little more sweet, one is more of a true corn flavor, and one is lighter and fluffier. My kids and I were eagerly watching the air popper to see if they would all come out the same. It was a super fun treat to eat "colored" popcorn together.And here's a little confession of mine: I actually like plain popcorn better than buttery, salty popcorn. I think it's a leftover from childhood, when I would make myself popcorn and be too hungry for it that I wouldn't take the time to melt butter for it. I can eat way more plain popcorn that buttery popcorn, too. Which may not be a good thing, but when I'm in one of those moods to just mindlessly snack on something crunchy, this does the trick for me. No microwave popcorn for me, thanks. And popcorn is one of those "naturally gluten free" foods that I love. No weird ingredients and no new texture or taste to get used to.

I like this corn so much I may never go back to regular! Ok, I probably will because I'm sure I'll run out at some point, but I'll always pick up a bag of this on my Whole Foods trips. Happy eating!

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