Sunday, July 17, 2011

Subway. Summer. Sickness. Stupid.

Apparently it's summer around here, which means the days are filled with a whole lot of hanging out and not producing. I highly recommend it. To bring an end to the saga of my personal summer real estate disaster, my husband and I decided not to move after all. It makes sense for too many reasons to list to take the house off the market, so I've been slowly unpacking the boxes and boxes (and boxes) of stuff that I diligently packed weeks ago. Luckily they didn't travel anywhere, so I've had minimal breakage. And I have to admit, it's kind of fun to take out the things you love and find a new home for them. Kind of like shopping the house, which I always forget about when I get a hankering for re-decorating. I bossed my husband around a bit and made him promise to pay someone to remodel my kitchen for me when the kids go back to school, and like a good boy he said yes. This should make for interesting blog fodder, so stay tuned.

In other unhappy news, I have a story (sadly, no photo and no recipe, either, but meaningful nonetheless) that should serve as a reminder to all of us who eat gluten free to use "constant vigilance," to quote Mad-Eye Moody. One of my favorite summer activities is going on dates with my husband, because we seemingly forget time together is important during the school year. We went to see the last Harry Potter movie (goodbye, Harry!) and afterwards we were a little sick from all the popcorn and soda but still wanted a light meal. We settled on Subway and I was fine with that because I usually get a salad there, no big deal. Here is where I want you to pay attention: you know how you go into a restaurant when you have celiac disease and you always choose between one of two or three menu items you have in your head? There's a reason for that! When you think, Oh I haven't had that in a while, I think I'll try it again...stop! Check ingredients! Use your smartphone or a satellite or something to double check because it probably is on the "not safe" list and there's a reason you haven't eaten it in a while! What did I order at said Subway? A Seafood Salad made into a salad. Um....apparently wheat and/or gluten are present in the seafood salad. I was not a happy camper for a couple of days. So a gentle reminder to everyone...don't mess with your pre-determined menu thoughts. It may seem boring, but check before you go or after so you know for next time what your options are. And now if you are wondering what salad you can order at Subway and not be stupid like me, check out their allergen list here. Soapbox sermon over.

Happy (and safe) eating!


  1. OMG! Yes, Surimi (aka fake crab, the stuff seafood and crab at subway is made from) is about 1/4 wheat flour.

    I used to eat it a LOT. Of course, once the celiac dx came, I smacked my head and said, "Of course."

    Seriously, that stuff isn't quite right. Who the heck puts flour inside fish?!?

  2. WOW, I know that my wife has said that she can not eat the fake crab, and I was not sure of why. They really put flour in there?? Talk about putting fillers in to produce more product!! Sheesh!!

  3. Sad, but true. In Louis Kemp Brand, Wheat Starch is the 3rd ingredient:

  4. That is why the California rolls are typically off limits on the sushi menu. . ..

  5. On the fun side, my celiac kids and I have discovered "pho". Quite interesting Vietnamese meals.

  6. Sorry about this! Just the other day I made some poor dinner choices when eating out. You are not alone. I have to say I didn't know Subway had so many gluten-free salad options until I read your blog. Something good came out of it. ;)


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