Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Goodbye to KJZZ in the Morning...You Were a Good Time

I was notified last week that the a.m. news show that I cook on monthly was cancelled. (This is me on the set in the picture above.) I'm sad to see the show go because it was a fun, casual way to get the word out about gluten free ingredients and recipes, and the people I worked with were, for lack of a better word, hilar-ee-ous. I've posted links on the sidebar for my television appearances in the past, and I have to honestly say I don't know if the links will stay or go. Since the links are with the Channel 2 website partner, I think they will stay, but if not, I do apologize for the resource loss. What I've learned is that sometimes you can read a recipe fourteen times and not understand it, but if you can watch someone make it, it becomes far more familiar and easy to make on your own. For those of you who watched my gluten-free cooking segment the first Wednesday of every month here in Utah, don't give up hope. I'm going to be on Channel 4's Good Things Utah on July 14, and hopefully if my recipes stay up to par I can work with them a few times a year to keep spreading the word about celiac's disease and gluten free eating. The fun thing about cooking at KJZZ was that one of the producers, Todd, was also a celiac, and he would get so excited about the food I brought in. It's great to cook for people who appreciate what you're doing, isn't it? I felt like Florence Nightingale bringing him non-toxic casseroles and whoopie pies. But the people I will miss seeing the most at KJZZ? The cameramen/women. Television's unsung heroes. We really got to know each other well and I will miss the extendo-fork and the grabbing hands and the extreme close-ups. Cheers to you all!

Happy eating!

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