Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Interrupt this Blog for an Important Announcement...

So, as I was tweeting about the little post I wrote below, I came across a tweet that led me to this article by the savvy celiac that talks about how the celiac industry is really coming into it's own in 2010, and how at a fancy food show lots of gluten free food vendors were present. Awesome, great, I'm so excited about that. However, the next sentence reveals that there is a gluten free version of this coming to shelves soon:

photo courtesy
What the? Have food manufacturers actually decided that mainstream gluten free products are worthwhile to produce and market nationwide! Yippee and hallelujah! I should mention that it's actually General Mills that is being so generous to us, and they're also introducing a gluten free version of...drum roll please...Hamburger Helper. That is all. I need to go lay down now.
Happy eating!


  1. This is so, so exciting! Do you know when it will hit the shelves?!

  2. It seems like the article said it was already on shelves, but I haven't even walked by that stuff in the store for ages so I'm going to check tomorrow when I do my shopping. :)


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