Friday, June 11, 2010

Harvest the Crunchy, Enjoy the Friend

Oh, the joys of being friends with Mo. I have the good fortune of being friends with a fellow food blogger who also happens to be a fabulous photographer. And once you go over to her blog I know you will all come back here snickering at my photos, amateurish and semi-lame, but it's a chance I'm willing to take because you have to see this recipe she's come up with.

I harvested my first radishes of the year out of my garden, and I immediately knew what recipe I was going to use them for: Radish Chop Salad from Mo's blog, Fare to Remember. It's a great recipe that could easily take the place of a coleslaw side dish (perfect for those summer barbecues) and there's only one ingredient you would need to use a substitute for: soy sauce. I would use either San-J's Tamari sauce or LaChoy Soy Sauce, both are gluten free. So, not even a substitution, just a brand preference I guess. Try to make your diced vegetables all about the same size so that the salad looks appealing. Too many different sizes can make the food look like a mish-mash. You'll notice that my salad is missing the celery component because I think raw celery is the devil. I also left out the fish sauce, simply because I didn't have any, and it was still super delish. Mmm, she's so good with the flavors. Check out all of Mo's photos, and you'll be hungry by 10 a.m. for sure!
Happy eating!

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