Friday, September 10, 2010

Introducing...Me at Macey's

This is one of those posts that I am so excited to write, but so dreading the writing. It's a toot your own horn type of post that most of us are uncomfortable with. But I think I'm going to put on my false bravado and go for it.

I have a great neighbor who has taught me so much about alternative grains. She even told me you can put pork and beans in your cake and when I asked her how she knew so much, she told me she was the grains teacher at Macey's Grocery Store in Sandy. They have a little theater in the store with a kitchen and they offer all kinds of classes on all kinds of foods. They have had a gluten free class for a long time that has functioned as not only a cooking class but as a support group as well. They've been without a teacher for a few months and this friend of mine suggested I ask them if they were interested in having me come and teach the class. I met with the lovely Susan and we decided I was a good fit for the job. Hooray! So I will be teaching the gluten free class at the Sandy, UT Macey's Grocery Store on 7800 South 1300 East from 7-8 p.m. If you're in the area and interested in a class, come on down! I'd love to see you. The class is usually held every other month, but this fall the schedule is a little different. I'll be holding a class featuring gluten free pumpkin recipes on October 21, and a class featuring gluten free Thanksgiving side dishes on November 11, because I figure most celiac eaters would rather know about that than Christmas food. Plus, who wants one more thing to do in December? Come January we'll probably be on the every other month schedule and I'll post here what days I'll be teaching.

This will be a change for me! I'm used to cooking in front of people, but only three of them for about six minutes on TV. And cooking in front of a friendly cameraman who can camouflage your mistakes is a lot easier than cooking an entire dish from start to finish in front of friendly people who have questions and opinions. So hopefully I'll rise to the occasion. Wish me luck and hopefully I can see some of you there!

Happy eating!


  1. Congrats! I would be there if I still lived in Utah. :) I really enjoy your blog, especially now that my son has been diagnosed with celiac disease.

  2. Heather! I didn't know about your son! I guess that explains your knowledge of how expensive GF grocery shopping is, eh? Good luck with him, hopefully some of the stuff on here helps!


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