Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Eleanor's Gluten Free Bakery...Magic on a Stick

Yes, you are looking at a cake pop. Much like the cake pops made by Bakerella,(not gluten free, but a great source of inspiration!) whose book I'm on my way out the door to buy because I buy cookbooks for fun. And no, this treat was NOT made by me. I have no idea what kind of elfin magic goes into these delicious bites of cake and shell of frosting, but it is worth the entire $1.39 I paid for it. Let me introduce you to my new friend, Eleanor's Bake Shop.

Eleanor's Bake Shop is run by a bakerella in her own right, Janelle, who can whip up a beautiful gluten free wedding cake five days a week and not even bat an eye. Check out the gallery on their website to see what I'm talking about. They have gluten free lunches that include Arepas, a Venezuelan Flat Bread sandwich that is so yummy. I tried the Beef Brisket Arepas and it was a great lunch, I must say. It was such a great blend of flavors. Now I'm definitely hooked. They have soups and cookies and cupcakes and muffins and all sorts of delicious gluten free stuff you can't get in a fast food restaurant. The bake shop even has a facebook page where you can see what new things they are offering or if they have any specials you need to know about. Right now they are offering special orders on holiday pies and cheesecakes for your family celebrations.
The shop is located at 9495 South 560 West in Sandy, well worth the drive if you ask me. You can order cake pops or cupcakes for any occasion on their website. I noticed today they added three new flavors for the holidays...just in time for eating season.
Happy eating!

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