Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summertime is Obviously Not Cooking Time

Apparently I have issues with continuity in the summer months. I used to post three to five times a week and now I'm down to once a week, if you're lucky. Hmm...I want to feel guilty, but I'm too busy enjoying my children's boring schedules and waiting for the new thermostat to come in the mail so my house isn't so hot. I've also killed my first hanging basket plants and I'm hosting a luncheon for my son's baptism on Saturday, all while watching every episode of Sarah's House on HGTV three times because I love it so much I can't get enough of it. And it's finally hot here in Utah and the only way I can really measure that is because I'm on page 589 of an 898 page book because I've sat in my bedroom reading because it's the only cool room in the house. 589! I haven't done that since Harry Potter 5 came out. And it's no wonder I haven't posted because I think I'm finally brain dead from the down time because today I realized I forgot to do two very important jobs that I usually do before the first day of the month: a bulletin board I'm in charge of for church and writing out the bills. Writing out the bills! That's sort of a big one! What I'm trying to say is, fear not. I have not forsaken Off the Wheaten Path...I'm waiting on a blog redesign and I've got some fun stuff I want to try out soon. I really do have some cool pictures and recipes that I'll post this week, but first I have to find my camera.
Happy summering!


  1. dude, what's the 900 page book? you like brainy reads don't you?

  2. 噴泉的高度,不會超過它的源頭。一個人的事業也是如此,它的成就絕不會超過自己的信念。.................................................................

  3. My brainy read is "Trinity" by Leon Uris. It's about the Irish Revolution and I'm telling you, un-put-down-able.


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