Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Have You Tried a Red Mango?

I have driven by the little small storefront that says "Red Mango" maybe a dozen times and never really clued in to what it has inside of it. I mean, since the world was introduced to Pearl Izumi and Anthropologie, both of which don't have anything to do with jewelry or man's customs and religion, you really can't tell what a store sells by the name anymore. But the other day I treated myself to a taste test and several (ahem) trips back to the store to make sure I got the right flavors. Red Mango, in case you don't know, is a frozen yogurt shop that sells the most unique and delicious and extra healthiest frozen yogurt in the U.S.A. complete with yummy toppings to go on top of it. One thing I really like about Red Mango is that if you click the nutrition button on the website you can see that it is certified gluten free, and you know how I am about those two little words showing up in print...I'm fanatical about it. When they print it, you KNOW it's safe to eat. It also has an exclusive brand of probiotics which helps those of us who have lactose issues, and each serving (minus toppings) weighs in at about 100 calories. Of course I ate the evidence of my visit so I have no picture to show you how delicious it was, but here's a few of the combinations I have tried on my many trips:

Pomegranate yogurt with Fruity Pebbles
Key Lime Pie yogurt with coconut
Madagascar Vanilla with blueberries

Tomorrow I think I'll try the Original (which may actually be Mango flavored!) with some mochi, which are like marshmallows made from sticky rice. Did I say tomorrow? I mean in a few weeks, of course, because, you know, I'm not like obsessed or anything.

Happy eating!


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