Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Pier 49 Gluten Free Pizza: A Summer Saver

There are so many things to enjoy in the summer when you have short people in your life. Namely, days like this: when you go see Toy Story 3 and you have to re-create Mr. Tortilla Head when you get home. However, I'm lucky because my summer has been full of so many other fun experiences as well, namely, watching my dad do this with his car to my mailbox one day, hosting a baptism and letting my son do his first scout camp *yikes*going to movies in the middle of the week with this guy, and redecorating my kitchen and family room in one day. (Seriously, one day I just had it and I sewed eight curtains and four pillows, cleaned out every cupboard, and ransacked Target for large canisters because I'm tired of looking in three different places for my most-used ingredients. Sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.)
But one of the fun things I like to do especially in the summer (which I think most Americans enjoy doing) is not cooking dinner and ordering a veggie pizza and watching a movie with the family. (Hint: if you want a little bit of gross, get Diary of a Wimpy Kid. If you're into dry humor, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Romance? We're still stuck on Enchanted.) Good thing my friend JoLayna tipped me off to the gluten free pizza crusts at Pier 49 pizza. I must say, something about not making your own pizza just makes me feel like I'm the richest girl on the block. I always and forever will add artichoke hearts to my pizza. It gives it just the right....pizzaz! Such a great word to describe pizza, don't you think? Not that I'm too good for your basic ham and pineapple...I'm usually good for that one, too. But veggie is definitely my favorite. Beware, if you think you are going to order a gluten free pizza, pay $5 and get something like you see in a Domino's ad, just stop thinking that right now. You won't, okay? You will get something that is much smaller than a small pizza that costs almost $20 that only has 8 slices and the crust will still taste a bit off, but you will STILL, I repeat, STILL BE EATING A TAKEOUT PIZZA. Just take your lumps and appreciate the good in this. No cooking, leftovers for breakfast, feeling pretty dang normal, and chances are you'll get the whole thing to yourself. I'll take that at least once a summer. Sometimes more. Sadly, Pier 49 is a franchise that is only open in Utah and Idaho right now. Leave a comment and let us all know where YOU get your gluten free pizza, wherever you are in the world.

Happy eating!

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