Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Attention! Gluten Free Treat Sighting!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a stalker of sorts when it comes to gluten free treats. I'm sure that's why some of you are still reading my scattered posts, to see what I have nabbed in my grimy little hand that's gluten free. Usually I am stalking the Sweet Tooth Fairy in Draper, looking through the window to see if they have my favorite flavor of French Macarons in the display case. (It's lemon, in case you're wondering. What a shocker. Maybe if we all go in en masse and ask for them they will just make them a standing option! Yay!) The other day someone was standing in front of the case so I had to park my car and go inside to find out what was there. Boy, am I glad I did! Now they have a tray marked "Gluten Free Treats" that holds not just French Macarons, but Coconut Macaroons dipped in chocolate on the bottom: here is what is left of mine from the drive home. And they also carry...drum roll please...gluten free cupcakes! I know we all look the other way when we see those cute cupcakes at the bakeries with the sky-high frosting. Sigh. Now, we can get some for ourselves! Or you can get some as a gift for your gluten free sweetie and they will put them in these cute little containers so it looks like you made even more effort for them. Mine tipped over in the car so it looks a little smashed in the picture up there. I am not sure at this point if they will offer different flavors of cupcakes daily or if these are the two they will offer all the time, but on the day I went in they had chocolate and Fairyfetti (vanilla with sprinkles in the batter). Hooray for gluten free eaters all over the Wasatch Front! If you live elsewhere in the U.S. and you know of a bakery that has similar gluten free cupcake offerings, please leave a comment so others can know where to go in your area!

Happy eating!


  1. I live just down the street in Sandy, UT..... but whenever I go to NYC or LA, I always pickup GF treats from Babycakes. Mmmm! I haven't tried sweet tooth fairy yet, although I need to. But my treats must also be casein free.... making it much more difficult to find.

  2. Marie Catrib's in Grand Rapids, Michigan has fabulous gluten free sweets.


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