Monday, May 16, 2011

Celiac Disease Vaccine? Sign Up or Sign Off?

I just was alerted to a news story that is hitting the airwaves (blogwaves?) today from our local news station that is about a vaccine for celiac's disease sufferers. The way I read it, it looks like it will cure the disease. What? How is this possible! I'm dying, in case you can't tell. You can read about it here, on's website. I'm interested to know from my readers: if it were safe and proven to cure celiac's disease, would you get the vaccine? Or would you keep on keepin' on the way you are now? Let's have a little conversation about it here.
I'm just adding this cute picture of my little girl at Temple Square in Salt Lake City because I can't stand to post without a photo, and who wants to see a photo of a vaccine? Not me.

Happy reading!


  1. Sorry, but are you dying to know more about it or is the disease actually killing you? I was not aware that it could, but not sure as I have limited knowledge about this disease. I have MS a disease that has the ability to actually kill me and when someone says they have celiac I assumed it was manageable with dietary constraints and not actually a life threatening disease.
    As for the vaccine, Australia really is a research heaven down here. I am about to meet with a Dr who is running a drug trial. However I will only be exploring his research , ideas & progress & will not be involved in such a trial. The world would still be flat if it was up to me I'm afraid. While the research team are passionate about it, the pharmaceutical companies & government are what worry me. In Australia we seem to push these 'discoveries' through very fast and fail to really wait for the results of longitudinal studies.
    While I struggle with MS I'm not about to trade it for an unknown side effect. I can't ever get past the cane toad here in Australia. An example of another wonderful research breakthrough! Will be interested in other responses to this as they actually have to live with the disease.
    Ps I love your blog. We eat mostly organic wholefood at our place and your blog is just amazing. Thanks for all the hard work you put into it. Also love your quote on the side bar.

  2. As long as the vaccine was safe and did not have anymore side effects than the normal vaccines I would be all for it. As long as it was still not damaging the cilia while eating gluten filled foods.

  3. I would do it in a heartbeat! I'm sure I would still eat gluten free, it would just be nice not having to worry about my food being contaminated when I eat out. And reading labels...what a pain in the neck! And oh my how I CRAVE a spicy chicken sandwich from Wendy's! Life would definitely be lots easier and less scary, I really hope this happens! =)

  4. After it has been out for a while and proven safe, I would absolutely get it for my son.

  5. That's cool and all, but it still sucks for those of us who actually have a WHEAT allergy and not Celiac's Disease. Bummer! :( I hope this works out for everyone! How cool would that be?!

  6. I would do the vaccine if it had been out for a while and proven safe. I think I would maybe still be cautious about what I eat though.
    Btw, not sure if you like Cafe Rio, but I learned that they finally have an allergen menu on their site which states that we pretty much can't eat anything there. I couldn't believe that their rice and beans aren't gluten free. Anyway, I re-checked Costa Vida's site cuz I knew they had a list and they have a new site that states that everything but their flour tortillas and a few desserts are gluten free! Yay for Costa Vida!

  7. We travel quite a bit. Del Taco in SoCal is surprisingly affordable (feed myself and four daughters (3 of us gf) for about $12). I also highly recommend supermarkets, as the delies are fairly safe. I'd be all over that vaccine, and head right to a real pizza joint for dinner. . ..

  8. If it were safe..i would TOTALLY do it in a heartbeat! I would love to eat my favorite gluten foods again!!!


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