Monday, September 21, 2009

Gluten Free Peaches and Cream Oatmeal

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where Kramer was freaking out because of those special peaches that were only in season for two weeks? That's how I feel about my dad's peaches from his tree in the yard I grew up in. A few days ago he came over with my mom and brought me a whole bag of goodies that, quite honestly, put the store-bought ones to shame. These peaches and pears are a little smaller than the grocery store variety, but the sweetness and juiciness makes them infinitely more valuable.

I've already posted on my other blog about how to make the most awesome oatmeal ever. Check out that recipe if you are interested. The key is this: add salt to the finished product. It really brings out the flavor in all the ingredients, and makes it just a little bit easier on the palate than sugar only. Adding one of my dad's prize peaches to the mix was heavenly, to say the least. With a little whole milk, you've got peaches and cream oatmeal. (Come on, I've got little kids. I always have whole milk in my fridge. Take that, South Beach diet.) And I have just recently switched to "pure" oats, or oats that are certified gluten free. I've always just eaten regular oats and taken my chances. But the more research I do, the better I feel about these "pure" oats from the Blue Chip Group. Yeah, they cost $16.99 a bag, but the peace of mind is well worth it. I'm interested: do you eat pure oats?

Happy eating! The peaches are only in season for one more week!

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