Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Product Review: Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks...You Can Get Free Stuff!

Betty Crocker has some new fruit snacks out called, "Create-A-Bug" that happen to be gluten free. Betty and General Mills were kind enough to send me a free gift package with these little cuties in them along with some fun toys and family fun items. (It was the highlight of our day, I tell you.) I wanted to try them out so I put together a very discerning panel of judges:Betty also makes these fruit snacks, which I must say I ate way too many of in the beginning of my celiac diet six years ago. I'm sure you've heard of them:

Personally, I don't love the Gushers. My kids think they are "the bomb" but not so much for my adult palette. Fruit Roll Ups? I could get eight cavities from how much I love them. Back to the Create-A-Bug snacks. They come in these cute little bug body shapes so that you can build a thorax, head and wings to make your own buggy creation and then listen to them scream while you eat them.Or, you can use them as useful objects to put into other toys:These fruit snacks had pretty good flavor, and to be honest, they tasted pretty much like every other fruit snack I've ever eaten. The main plus was that the kids really liked them and the whole box ended up being eaten within ten minutes. These are a great lunchbox option for celiac kids, I think. I do have one parental frowny face about all fruit snacks, though: Please make your fruit snacks not so sticky so that my kids don't get cavities from eating them! Make them dissolve so they dont' cause dental caries! There, now that I've gotten that off my chest, please enjoy these with your kids. Even if you don't eat many of them, the fun of building your own bug and attacking your children with it is priceless. And, I'll be hosting a giveaway on this site for you to win your own completely FREE prize pack sent directly to you from Betty Crocker/General Mills. Just leave a comment at the bottom of the post before November 1 and check back here Monday morning to see if you've won! Good luck!

Happy eating!

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