Monday, January 11, 2010

Gluten Free Snacking: Boomi Bars

Snacking on the go when you can't eat wheat can require next to a Herculean effort sometimes. I am always looking for new ways to feel like I can stop at 7-11 and grab something and go. Although I can't stop at 7-11 for this little beauty, I can throw one in my purse when I know I have a busy day and not worry about starving to death.
These Boomi Bars seem to fit the bill: under 200 calories, chock full of natural ingredients, and tasty to boot.
The cute people from Boomi Bars sent me an Apricot Cashew flavored bar to try. I love how it has both crisped rice and puffed amaranth in it to give it a little bit of oomph, and the meatiness of the cashews gives it a hearty feel. I lvoe a toothsome bar of dried goodness! I'm a sucker for dried Apricots, and this bar has over one full serving of fruit packed into itself. Apparently they come in 13 flavors, like fruit and nut, cranberry apple, perfect pumpkin, pineapple ginger, and walnut date, so I'm going to have to try some more.
Check out Boomi Bars next time you are in your local health food store check them out or order some right online here.
Happy eating!

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