Friday, January 1, 2010

Santa Loves Me

This is the post in which I brag about all the wonderful gluten free things that Santa brought me, and shamelessly tell you all about the products I love and think you should buy, too.

First of all, through my handsome and cute husband, Santa brought me a fabulous new set of knives. You know it's time to get new knives when you only have one steak knife in your block and the only knife that cuts worth a darn is the bread knife. I had my heart set on Wusthofs, but now that I've used my Henckels I've become a fan of them, too. If you don't have good knives out there, break down and at least buy one good all purpose knife to cut your veggies, fruits, and huge Hershey kisses with. You will never regret the money you spent on a good knife. I can slice an orange like I'm slicing a banana. Dicing potatoes? A cinch. Even the scissors are deadly sharp. Good knives? Ask Santa for some.

Then, through my good friend, Mo, Santa and the elves replenished me with a huge supply of Trader Joe's Gluten Free Loaded Fruit and Nut granola, which you may remember from this post. The day the box came I didn't even wait to unpack the whole thing. I ripped open a bag and poured myself a bowl and ate it there, amongst the packaging and UPS slips. If you eat gluten free and have yet to try this, go to Trader Joe's and buy two bags, one for you and one to mail to me. This stuff came in handy when we went on our trip to St. George this week. While the family was eating cinnamon rolls and french toast and other such gluten-filled goodies, I was content in the corner with my bowl of granola. And it's only 270 calories per serving, another bonus for most of us this time of year.

My husband also bought me a new Calphalon frying pan. I shudder to think how much Teflon I've eaten in the last year from the nasty cheapo versions I've been cooking on. When you can see metal on the bottom of your pans, it's time to upgrade, people. This pan has hardly been in the cupboard since I got it on Christmas Day. It is heavy and has a handle that won't get hot while you're cooking. And let's talk about the non-stickiness of it. So dreamy. A side note: If you got Calphalon for Christmas, too, remember to always hand wash them, never put them in the dishwasher, and never use a metal utensil in them.

The other thing Santa brought me was from myself. I totally splurged and bought the Cuisinart 11 cup chrome food processor at Costco two days before Christmas. At $149.99, it was the best deal I could find. Not counting the $35 enrollment fee, mind you. Let's just let that part slide. I have been borrowing my friend's food processor, and let me tell you it stresses me out to borrow other people's expensive small appliances. Not that she was using it, mind you, it's just a little bit like having 800 library books at your house knowing one day they are due and you'd better not break their bindings or spill orange juice on the pages. So now I'm looking forward to making all kinds of food preparation easier on myself.

Lastly, Santa brought me a bunch of happy kids, one patient and loving husband, and a lot of loving kindness from the people I love. Here's to you and hoping Santa loves you,too.

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