Friday, February 26, 2010

And the Duh Award Goes To Me...Missing out on White Bean Chicken Chili

Oh good heavenly days. Do you ever have those moments about two days after you do something dumb where you go, "Oh, duh. I totally spaced it." I had one of those yesterday. Not that it's anything new, mind you. With five kids and an employed husband, I'm always forgetting stuff. Sometimes it's small stuff like brushing my teeth or putting gas in my car. Other times it's getting kids registered on time for sports or forgetting to take pictures of food with my limping camera. What?!? Did I just type that I forgot to take a picture of my food with my camera? Yes. Yes I did.

It's true. I spent the better part of an afternoon making this delicious recipe for Chicken and White Bean Chili from Giada deLaurentiis, which if you haven't noticed, is my favorite chef ever, and it was sooooo good and yummy. My family and I ate up about half of it and I sent the other half over to my neighbor's house because she just had a baby and seemed like she needed some chicken chili that night. That night while I was doing my dishes and washing out my favorite LeCreuset pan, I realized that I hadn't even taken ONE photo to show you all. Not one! Sigh. I really have issues with not having an original photo of the food that I am touting to y'all out there. So I truly do apologize. But I can't wait any longer for you to be in the know about this dish. It's so good for late winter dinners, and everyone but my two little people ate it, which is a miracle around here. Anyway, I'll send you the link to the recipe and you can all give it a try because it's easy and delicious and the only subsitution I made was to add cornstarch instead of flour. Not bad for a Food Network recipe, eh? Seriously, try this recipe. You will love it and, apparently, your family will, too!

Happy eating!

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