Thursday, February 18, 2010

Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread

My good friend Teresa stopped by my house the other day bearing gifts. Lovely gifts. See, Teresa recently had her 2 year old son diagnosed with celiac sprue and has been learning the ropes of gluten free eating. The other thing about Teresa is that she's unfailingly generous. She's new enough at this kind of eating not to be hoarding her products, yet. Yet. She happened upon these loaves of Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread at a discount warehouse and graciously shared some of her bounty with me. For those of you who don't know, Udi's is a Denver-based company that makes both gluten free and regular artisan bakery items. I'll admit, I was a bit skeptical to try this bread at first. Traditionally gluten free pre-made breads are terrible. (Sorry, gf bread makers.) I much prefer to take my chances and make it fresh at home. But I have to say, I was completely taken off guard by this bread. It's more than four inches high (a feat for gf breads), is soft but hearty, and takes to a toasting like a champ. Udi's where have I been? There are probably fifty of you out there shaking your heads going, duh, Udi's rocks! So, sorry I haven't been in the loop lately, but now I have a new best friend.No crumbly bread falling apart in the toaster, here. So of course I had to get some of that bread out and smear it with my favorites, which I only do for breakfast occasionally:aah, the lovely and talented Adams Natural No Stir Creamy Peanut Butter and Red Plum Jam. Heavenly. Eating a piece of toast with peanut butter and jam used to be my go-to breakfast for crazy days, and it looks like those days may be on the horizon again. Another bonus to this bread is that I don't have to keep it in the freezer. I can just keep the thawed loaf out on my counter and grab it whenever I see the need for a whole-grain textured gluten free bread. I also made these with three pieces of bread last night: Bread crumbs to top a batch of homemade macaroni and cheese. I love it! Just when you've spent seven years thinking you will never taste anything like what you used to eat ever again, something comes up that shines the light on your appetite. Bread. You've gotta love it. You can pick up a loaf of Udi's Gluten Free Whole Grain Bread at places like Whole Foods, Sunflower Market, and Good Earth, but you can also pop on over to Udi's website where they have a helpful zip code store finder to help you find their products near you.

Happy eating!


  1. Isn't Udi's the best?! You don't need to freeze it, toast it, or anything...and it tastes like fresh bakery bread! LOVE IT!

  2. I just started buying it and I love it, too. Really good.

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