Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Happy Valentines Day from the Fix-It Guy

Husbands really come in handy sometimes. When my husband came home from work the other day I showed him my crippled camera, and he waved his magic wand and said, "Presto, change-O" and fixed it. It's not perfectly fixed, because I have to tap the lens a little to get it to close when I turn the camera off, but hey, it's better than spending a few hundred we don't have right now to have a working camera. So to reward myself for surviving a possibly traumatic event, I made a Valentine's day cake with Blue Chip Bakers' Double Fudge Brownie mix, and frosted it with Aimee's German Chocolate Frosting. I totally hogged the triangle piece and had to eat some before I even took a picture. How's that for self-love?As a side note, Utah's Own Blue Chip Group has also changed their look and brand to something called Augason Farms, so don't be surprised when you click the link to see their new logo.
Happy eating!

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