Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gluten Free Granola Fix

Most of you will remember my current obsession with Trader Joe's Loaded Fruit and Nut Granola that I have to beg my out of state friends to send to me, because I'm crazy like that. Well, the granola gods have taken pity upon me and sent me a tasty stand in for my favorite gluten free easy breakfast/snack/dinner/boredom buster. While trolling through Harmon's Natural Foods section the other day, I spied this granola from Bakery on Main. They actually have other gluten free flavors, too, which I can't wait to try. Of course I grabbed the bag hoping that it would be close to the real thing, and thanks to the Gluten Free Granola gods, is almost the exact same cereal. It couldn't have shown up at a better time, since I just ran out of my rationed stash of Trader Joe's. So if you're like me and aren't lucky enough to live by a Trader Joe's, check your local health food store and see if you can find it, or go to the Bakery on Main store locator. It's as good as the real thing!
Happy eating!

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