Friday, July 16, 2010

The Fabric Whisperer

I am lucky (or stupid?) enough to cook on television once in a while. It's fun and exciting and very stressful (have you ever watched Next Food Network Star? There's a reason those people look stupid cooking on camera and then bite each other's heads's hard!) I always get excited about doing it beforehand and I'm always relieved when it's over. One of the things that is the fun part is deciding what to wear on the show. I like to wear aprons when I cook on TV, not because they're flattering (they're not) or because they're slimming (they're not) but because it's a simple way to inject personality into the segment. The viewers see someone who likes to have fun with food and colors and fabrics and isn't afraid to be different. That and plus I always, always, always spill on myself. Just ask my husband. :)
So I've been getting compliments from people about my cute aprons that I wear on air, and I wanted to share one of my resources with you, because, you know, sometimes you want to be gluten free and cute at the same time. And this is going to ruin my little stash of cute pins and aprons now that I'm telling you all, but I can't keep it in any longer. The apron I'm wearing in the picture above is from The Pleated Poppy, made by my friend Lindsey Cheney, who happens to be a fabric whisperer, if you've ever heard of that. See, that's me, on the right. Don't I look just like I fit right in? Of course except that in real life I'm a foot too short and probably 14 pounds too heavy to actually pull it off. Anyways, I always add one of Lindsey's poppy pins or something cute to my aprons so they look unique. She has some darling stuff in her shop right now, so check it out. I know she's low on aprons, but check back often because she adds new things daily. My new favorite are the cases she's made for sunglasses, so they don't get all scratched up in your purse. Genius!

So thanks for watching, and now when you see me on tv spilling spaghetti sauce all over myself, you'll know at least I'm spilling on something cute!
Back to more gluten free food soon!

Happy shopping!

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