Friday, July 30, 2010

I've Been Living Without It for Far Too Long...

What you see here is the cover of the only magazine I'm aware of that is specifically devoted to gluten free food for celiacs and gluten intolerant people. While I consider myself fairly savvy when it comes to gluten free living, I have to admit I haven't been a regular subscriber lately. When this magazine first came out a few years ago, I signed right up and got myself a subscription. But back then it was only published four or five times a year, so when my subscription ran out I sort of forgot about it. One day last week I was dawdling at the grocery store, too tired to unload my $300 worth of groceries onto the ramp and so bored of listening to my kids fight over the XBox at home that I took a rare turn down the magazine aisle. I'll admit, I really wanted to see some juicy celebrity gossip (is it really worth it to be famous? And why is Kourtney marrying Scott? Really?) but I found the most recent issue of Living Without magazine and snatched it up. When I got home and finally put away the last of all those groceries, I took a few minutes and read it. What have I been doing, writing a food blog about gluten free food and not even reading this resource diligently? Slacking, that's what. The funny thing is that I always think of foods that I want to try out, and this issue had recipes for both snickerdoodles (made by a 12-year-old!), smoothies, and zucchini pancakes, all of which are on my list to try. It also has a quick start guide for both gluten free and casein free diets in the back of the magazine for people who have just been diagnosed to get started eating right, or for old hacks like me who need a refresher once in a while. But the other part of Living Without that is just as helpful as the recipes is the ads for new gluten free products in there. I found, drum roll please, gluten free ice cream cones, which will be part of a post to come in a few days. I never would have even gone to Whole Foods to find them if I hadn't seen the ad in the magazine first. If you have celiac's disease and you haven't been reading this magazine, check their website and subscribe today!

Happy reading!

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