Thursday, July 8, 2010

French Meadow Bakery: A New Frontier

I have this friend who knows all of the great haunts in town. She can find fabric, food, stickers, crafty stuff, furniture, and small shopping coups if you only ask her. One day she came to my house after one of her excursions from a store called MPS in Salt Lake City that is like a manufacturer's clearing house, where they send all of their seconds and food that is about to expire and stuff they just want to sell quickly and get rid of, and she plopped down some gluten free treats from a bakery I'd never heard of before: French Meadows. I was lucky enough to receive a chocolate cake and a vanilla cake (!) all to myself. These are little mini-cakes, one serving is about a third of the cake. Don't worry, they look cute now, but this is how mine really look in the back. I really couldn't help myself. This is the great thing about these cakes: not only are they decorated beautifully with swirl upon swirl of frosting, the cake is moist and actually holds together instead of being crumbly and dry. I was in gluten free heaven that day. She also brought me a few delicious blueberry muffins that I must say were so welcome in my daily breakfast repertoire. First of all they come individually wrapped and can be frozen and defrosted quickly for just one person. They are also a little bit smaller than the mini-planet-sized muffins you usually get that are about a million calories, and I like that I could take a bite of them and actually fit it into my mouth. They are moist and have real blueberries in them and are a perfect little breakfast snack.

Now for the bad news: I have no idea what stores sell these products! I checked the French Meadows bakery website and apparently it's down now while they fix some issues with their packaging. This means that the store locator is not available. If you know where you can purchase these products, please leave a comment for the rest of us until the website comes back up and we can search away. I'd really like to see what other flavors and options they have available, because these were delicious and lovely, two of my favorite things.

Happy eating!


  1. i live in the midwest & i have purchased this brand at hy-vee stores. :)

  2. I find the brand at Granny's Gluten Free store in Loveland Colorado. Their frozen pizza dough is great. Also I love their white tortillas

  3. I am in Virginia, and I can get them at some Krogers.

  4. Ahhh, an entire post dedicated to naughty food I found at some scrap store for you. How totally kind of you to be so appreciative for discounted food. Guess what? I went to Trader Joes in San Diego for you. I bought you a pristine treat this time, no discounts, paid retail. Now you can blog about that.

  5. A yr and a half later...
    French Meadow is awesome! The bakery is in Minneapolis. My husband and I have a morning coffee date there every Friday! I'm looking forward to a fancy French Meadow coconut cake (GF!) for my birthday.



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