Monday, February 7, 2011

Boo...I Hate Failing in the Kitchen!

Needless to say I am not amused by the Steelers performance yesterday. Everything fell apart like the flourless chocolate cake I tried to bake yesterday. Somehow it wasn't baked even after 10 minutes longer than the suggested cooking time. I hate wasting ingredients! If there's one thing eating gluten free has taught me, it's that ingredients are precious and you never want to waste them, because sometimes it's a half an hour in the car to get back to the special store to buy more. But I did laugh pretty hard at the Eminem Brisk ad, so the day wasn't a total loss. Anyone out there know why my cake didn't work? I beat the egg whites, I melted the chocolate, maybe I made a mistake and that was why it failed.

I also made this fruit dip yesterday, which everyone says is SOOO good, and I kind of thought, meh. It's the one where you just beat together one softened stick of cream cheese and one jar of marshmallow fluff. It needed more Ooomph in the flavor department but I didn't know what. I am officially calling for help: has anyone made this dip and discovered the magic ingredient that makes it taste super great? Ginger? Lemon? Vanilla? What is it?

There's always next year!
Happy eating!


  1. Did you get your flourless cake recipe from the Parade magazine? I made that one yesterday and first it oozed out all over m y oven and then it took at least 40 min. more to finish baking. Didn't taste to great afterward.

  2. How did you know?!! It was the Ingrid Michaelson recipe and it looked so simple and easy! Oh, I feel so much better knowing someone else's didn't turn out either...:) What a disappointment. All that time for a not-great tasting cake.

  3. I love putting a pinch of cinnamon in my cream cheese mix... I also whip in some coconut cream, rather than the marshmallow, but I have a lot of allergies.
    anyone know how long a cream cheese dip would last in the freezer? I love having a cheesecake dip I can pull out over the next week or so


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