Monday, February 28, 2011

Gluten Free Pei Wei Love!

A confession: I'm addicted to the Vietnamese Chicken Salad Rolls at Pei Wei. I have them on my cell phone's phone book and I call them on my way to pick up my daughter from preschool and voila! Lunch for the lunch hater any time. This is a regular occurrence and apparently they save your order by phone number and they know what you ordered the last time you called in. I always make sure to order them gluten free (which just means they give you the gluten free dipping sauce because the wraps themselves are gluten free) and they've gotten it right every single time. Convenient for them but semi creepy if you ask me that they know what I'm going to order. Anyway, I always forget to look in the bag when I get take out at Pei Wei. I can't eat the fortune cookies and there's no reason to get the soy sauce packets out either. Well, as luck would have it, I just dumped out the whole bag the other day to get a napkin and out popped these packets of gluten free tamari sauce from San-J. What? When did they start to make these? And how great is it that Pei Wei cares enough to order them and remember to put them in my gluten free lunch bag? Good times and good customer service, if you ask me.

Happy eating!

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  1. A friend and I are traveling down to Salt Lake City in June to see Les Miserables and I'm definitely going to drag her to the nearest Pei Wei. I absolutely love Chinese food and I'm so excited to try something authentic that I can eat!


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